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Le Châtelard Academy is an international boarding school that strives to provide the most appropriate environment, facilities, programs and personnel, for the Integral Formation® of young ladies.

Our philosophy of education is rooted in the living Catholic tradition of academic excellence, personal integrity, high moral standards and a sense of service to others. It offers every student the key to her personal happiness and fulfilment, and enables her to be successful in whatever walk of life she chooses.

This mission is sought through the development of every aspect of the human person.


to teach

the students by giving them the appropriate knowledge corresponding to their grade

to educate

the students by developing in them a love for authentic values and  a sense of what is good, right, noble, just and beautiful

to form

the character of the students as the foundation stone of all virtue and integrity


Le Châtelard seeks to cooperate with the parents in the integral formation of their daughter. Le Châtelard offers each student the practical techniques and the academic knowledge that she will need for her personal and professional future.

Le Châtelard aims at the personal improvement through a respectful discovery and a progressive development of the skills and talents of the students.

 Le Châtelard offers each student the means to forge her character the essential basic human and Christian values, according to each student’s potential and personal interests.

Essential aspects

Essential aspects of the formation program at Le Châtelard:

  • Personal Attention
  • Constant motivation
  • Kind and constant supervision

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