Le Châtelard



Daily in campus:

  • · Outfits (coloured jeans, skirts, dresses. Blue jeans are only permitted out of the
  • academy).
  • · Underwear and socks
  • · Pyjamas
  • · Slippers
  • · Sweaters

Off campus:

  • · Trousers, skirts, dresses, colored and blue jeans.
  • · Walking shoes for excursions to cities
  • · One piece swimsuit
  • · Shorts (medium length) for water excursions and Disney only.
  • · Summer jacket

For sports:

  • · One piece swimsuit
  • · T-shirts, sweat pants and sweatshirts
  • · Sport shoes (gymnastics, tennis, and hikes)
  • · Leggings or shorts for aerobics or jogging

Special occasions:

  • · Last gala dinner and closing ceremony: casual summer dress


  • DONT’S
  • Mini-skirts, shorts, deep v-necked shirts, short shirts, tight or transparent clothes, blouses with thin straps or bare shoulders.
  • Piercings and tattoos are not allowed in the Academy.


Le Châtelard provides the necessary towels and bedding and the Le Cordon Bleu Jacket.

Le Châtelard washes the campers' clothes that are machine washable. Intimate garments are not washed by Le Châtelard. Ironing service is not provided; however, campers learn to press their own clothes. Dry cleaning service is not included. Campers who wish for this service will pay it from their personal account, Le Châtelard will only deliver and collect the clothing. Since dry cleaning service is very expensive, it is recommended that campers bring very few clothes which will require this service.

Please consider temperature variations during the day in the mountains (between 12°C and 25°C) this is why we recommend a Summer jacket.

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