Le Châtelard



During their stay at Swiss Camp, the girls get the chance to practice French, if they wish, although the official language during the camp is English, sports and artistic activities, while at the same time visiting Switzerland, Milan and Paris.

This 3-weeks experience leads the girls to make new friends from all over the world and being in contact with different cultures.

Age  13 to 15 


Arrival: Saturday 30th June 2018
Departure: Thursday 26th July 2018

Up to 70 students
All rooms have a private bathroom, direct-dial telephone, and accommodate from 3 to 4 students.


French: 24 periods
Le Cordon Bleu cooking: 10 periods
Leadership skills: 5 hours
Etiquette/Savoir-Vivre: 4 hours

In Switzerland: Vevey, Gruyères, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva
In France: Yvoire, Paris, Eurodisney.

In Italy: Milan
Special outings: Parc Aventure


Italy - Milan (2 days)
France - Paris and Disney (4 days)

Diplomas and Certificates
Le Châtelard´s diploma. Le Cordon Bleu -summer course- diploma

SWISS CAMP GENERAL INFORMATION: /uploads/files/Files/Swiss%20Camp%20General%20Information%202018.pdf


The Swiss Camp staff considers it essential that all the campers keep in regular contact with their families. Therefore, the following system has been designed to keep the students in touch with their families:

Phone calls
Campers will be able to receive phone calls from their parents on Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6:45pm to 7:45pm (Swiss time) and on Sundays from 8pm to 9:45pm
Each camper shares a room with two other campers and their direct line to their room will be communicated to her parents by email when she arrives at Le Châtelard.
Campers may rent a mobile phone. This has an extra cost of 80 Swiss francs per month in addition to the price of the phone calls, to be taken from the camper’s personal account. If parents would like their daughter to use this service, they are kindly asked to request it by email at the following email address: info@lechatelard.com.
Parents will also be able to call their daughter through the main number of the Academy, 00 41 21 989 80 00, on the following dates: the camper’s birthday, her mother’s and father’s birthdays.

Emails and intenet
Campers will have access to their own email account while they are here. Wireless internet will be available within the Academy during the free time that campers have in the afternoons for those campers who have a laptop/iphone/ipad. But not during the day or night.
Campers will also be able to use the internet and check their email in the Academy’s computer lab. The email room will be opened during their free time for the campers to access. When campers are not busy in an activity, they may choose this time to check their emails. They will not be assigned a specific day and time for email communication. It will be the camper’s responsibility to receive and respond to their own personal email during the allotted time provided.

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